Who We Are!

Wheels of Change is a Free Pop Up Shop. We Travel to various cities bringing basic human necessities to families in need. We bring items such as clothing, shoes, baby diapers, baby gear, personal hygiene items. From time to time, we also bring Food and snacks to our events. Our goal Is to allow families  to shop for free. We understand there are a lot of families that are affected by the pandemic, families who can all use a little help. 

Coming Summer of 2022

In July 2022, Wheels of Change obtained its very own storefront. Once opened, in August of 2022, this will allow families struggling financially to gather the items they need. We will be based by appointment only. We provide clothing, groceries, toys, diapers and much more to families struggling to make ends meet.. All items are provided families free of charge. 

Meet the Board

Executive Director and Founder: Brenda Gonzalez
Executive Board Member: Patrice Hooper
Executive Board Member Ivelisse Hernandez
Exective Board Member : Alyssa Jones
Board Member: Miriam White

Fundraising Chair: Monica Mallon
Fundraiser Co- Chair- Lisa Walker

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Mt. Ephraim, NJ Event Dec 2021


Kensington, PA Event
Nov. 20,2021.